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Strategic Planning

OPB uses the state strategic planning process to coordinate within and between agencies to make sure Georgia continues to move forward in key areas.


The state strategic planning framework has three components:

  • State Strategic Plan: By outlining goals and statewide indicators for each of the Governor’s key policy areas, the state strategic plan provides the vision, direction and priorities of the state and ultimately steers the development of agency plans. Strategic investments proposed during the budget process will be evaluated against the state goals and indicators.
  • Agency Strategic Plan: The agency strategic plan is a four-year plan and must align to the state strategic plan. It includes the agency’s goals, strategies and measurable objectives, as well as what resources will be required.
  • The Agency Performance Report: Agencies submit performance updates at least twice a year to communicate progress on strategic goals and mission-critical projects.

Agencies enter a standard set of common strategic plan elements into the HORIZON Web-based system for use in statewide planning activities. Members of the public may view agency strategic plan reports via this system.


The strategic planning guidelines contain information about the state’s strategic planning process and agency instructions. Please contact OPB’s Planning Coordinator James Taylor at for assistance with Georgia’s strategic planning process.


Agencies update their strategic plan information annually. The deadline for FY 2016 will be posted as we get closer to the due date.