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Zero Based Budgeting


Trip Addison, Deputy Director

Governor Nathan Deal directed the Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) to implement Zero-Based Budgeting as part of the budget development process, fulfilling his commitment to Georgia's citizens to implement ZBB.   The purpose of the zero-based budget analysis is to assess individual programs against their statutory responsibilities, purpose, cost to provide services, and outcomes achieved in order to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the program and its activities.

The ZBB review process formalizes the work inherent in OPB budget analysis and provides a systematic review and reporting of the activities, performance and expenditures of the programs in the state budget.  The ZBB document is a summary of the information gathered and analyzed by OPB as part of our ZBB reviews.  The document includes four sections for each program reviewed:

1.      Results of Analysis:  This section summarizes OPB’s analysis and provides recommendations for future review or changes to the program budget and operations.  

2.      Program Purpose and Key Activities: This section lists the agency and program purpose.  A list of the program’s key activities is provided with its authority, number of positions, state funds and total funds budgeted is also provided in this section.

3.      Performance Measures:  This section lists the goals of the program and a set of measures for the program.

4.      Financials: This section provides a summary of the program expenditures and budget.  The section lists two years of expenditures, the current fiscal year budget, Governor’s recommended changes and recommended budget.