Public-Private Partnerships Guidelines Committee

This page contains documents, including agendas, related to meetings of the Partnership for Public Facilities and Infrastructure Act Guidelines Committee.

The Public-Private Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2015 (O.C.G.A. §36-91-110 et seq.), the “PPFIA,” provides a process for local governments to partner with private entities for the development of a wide range of projects for public use if the public entities determine that there is a need for such projects and that private involvement may provide the projects to the public in a timely and/or cost-effective fashion.  The PPFIA further provides that prior to executing any comprehensive agreement for the development or operation of a qualifying project pursuant to an unsolicited proposal received by a local government, the local government is required to adopt and make publicly available guidelines that are sufficient to enable the local government to comply with the requirements of the PPFIA. 

The PPFIA established The Partnership for Public Facilities and Infrastructure Act Guidelines Committee, consisting of members from state and local government, private entities and other interested parties, to prepare model guidelines for local governments in the implementation of the PPFIA. 

Model guidelines developed by the PPFIA Guidelines Committee are available by clicking the link below:

PPFIA Guidelines Committee's Model Guidelines

For questions, please contact the Committee at

Current members:

  • James “Jim” Woodward (Chairman)
  • M. Jason Ward (Vice Chairman)
  • Kerry Armstrong
  • Kevin Byrne
  • Doug Davidson
  • Sam Guest
  • Jeffery Parker
  • Bill Polk
  • Jim Thomas
  • William Wade