About OPB

The Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) exists to serve the Governor and the state in five primary ways:

  • Work with the Governor each year to develop a budget recommendation for the upcoming and amended fiscal years that is based on agency requests and that will be presented to the General Assembly
  • Provide research and analysis to the Governor’s Office and other state agencies related to budgetary items as well as to produce an efficient and effective state government
  • Review the agencies’ annual operating budgets to ensure that spending plans comply with the approved appropriations act, sound fiscal stewardship, and the Governor’s goals
  • Develop the state’s strategic plan, outlining the Governor’s vision for the state and how agencies can best support that vision
  • Supply official demographic and statistical data about the state of Georgia

Please use the links to the left to read more about OPB. To read about the office’s statutory responsibilities, click here to access the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 45-12, Article 4.