Additional State Policies

In addition to the administrative and human resources state policies managed by OPB, additional state policies can be found below.

Department of Administrative Services

     Risk Management Services

     State Purchasing Division

     Office of Fleet Management

     Surplus Property Division

     Human Resources Administration Division

Department of Revenue

     Motor Fuel Distributor Application CRF-007

     Motor Fuel Tax Report MFD-04

     Georgia Sales and Use Tax Rates by County

     Claim for Refund and Request for Abatement Form 843

     Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption ST-5

Office of the State Treasurer 

     State Depository & Bank Fee Policy

     State Electronic Payments Policy

     Exhibit A - Part 1 - Request for Approval - State Agency & TCSG

     Exhibit A - Part 2 - Request for Approval - BOR & Other Governmental Units

     OST Investment Policy

     Local Government Investment Pool Trust Policy

     Investment Policy for Approved State Agency Accounts

State Accounting Office

     Accounting Policy Manual

     Business Process Policies

     State Travel Policy

     Group Meal Policy

     Georgia State Board of Accountancy Laws, Rules, and Policy