Pursuant to the Georgia Professional Regulation Reform Act, O.C.G.A. §43-1C-1, et seq., the Governor is vested with the duty to "actively supervise the professional licensing boards of this state."  If you wish to challenge a rule or any action of a professional licensing board pursuant to the Georgia Professional Regulation Reform Act, please complete and submit the following form.

Challenge of:
May be attached below as a PDF if over 200 words in length.

One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, txt, rtf, doc, docx, ppt.


All submissions regarding Board Rules should also include by attachment the Notice of the proposed Rule, the proposed Rule, Rule Synopsis, any ''concise statement of the principal reason for and against [the Rule's] adoption'' produced by the Board pursuant to O.C.G.A. §50-13-4(a)(2), and copies of any written or oral ''data, views, or arguments'' presented to the Board.

All submissions regarding other Actions should include written record of the Action and any other relevant material.


Alternatively, you may Download this pdf file. download this form and mail it along with all relevant material to the address below.

Professional Regulation Appeals
Governor's Office of Planning and Budget
2 Capitol Square, Suite 519
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Important! Please redact or otherwise avoid submitting sensitive information such as social security numbers.