The State of Georgia is addressing healthcare workforce issues within the state via the Governor's Healthcare Workforce Commission and the Georgia Board of Healthcare Workforce. The Healthcare Workforce Commission, created pursuant to Executive Order, was tasked with studying and providing recommendations for improvement to the healthcare workforce pipeline. These recommendations included, but were not limited to:

  • The expansion of education programs and clinical placements;
  • Methods to further develop and strengthen the pipeline;
  • Scholarship and loan forgiveness programs that may support workforce initiatives;
  • Investments in technology to improve workforce readiness and expand educational program capacity; and 
  • Programs and strategies to improve retention and resilience of the current healthcare workforce.

The Georgia Board of Healthcare Workforce (GBHCW) exists to address the health care workforce needs of Georgia communities through the support and development of medical education programs and to increase the number of physicians and health care practitioners practicing in underserved rural areas. Additionally, the Board administers service cancelable loan repayment programs for physicians, dentists, physician assistants, and advanced practice registered nurses.

Reports and Materials:

Download this pdf file. Georgia Healthcare Workforce Commission Final Report 2022

Download this pdf file. Georgia Board of Healthcare Workforce Annual Report 2022


The Georgia Data Analytics Center (GDAC) obtains healthcare workforce data from the Georgia Board of Healthcare Workforce to assist in identifying the needs of the physician, physician assistant, and nursing workforces in Georgia.


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