COVID Response

The Office of Planning and Budget is the prime recipient of the Coronavirus Relief Fund, Emergency Rental Assistance Program, and State Fiscal Stabilization Fund. Other funds made available through federal relief acts are directly allocated to other state and local entities. 

Under the CARES Act, the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) is to be used to make payments for specified uses to states and local governments.

The American Rescue Plan Act was signed into law on March 11, 2021. It is the sixth COVID-19 relief bill enacted and provides approximately $1.9 trillion in assistance. It includes fiscal relief funding for state and local governments, education, housing, food assistance, and additional grant programs. 

For more information about these grants and their disbursement across the state, please visit their pages. A list of active grants and  links to their program page  can be found here. 

Information on the award process can be found on our For Grantees page.