American Rescue Plan

American Rescue Plan 

This dashboards provides obligation and expenditures for American Rescue Plan Act Funds.

Federal Uniform Guidance rules are applicable for American Rescue Plan Act funds. 

Uniform Guidance can be found at 2 CFR Part 200, and it establishes uniform administrative, cost principles, and audit requirements for federal awards to non-federal entities.

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARP; P.L. 117-2) was signed into law on March 11, 2021. It is the sixth COVID-19 relief bill enacted and provides approximately $1.9 trillion in assistance. It includes fiscal relief funding for state and local governments, education, housing, food assistance, and additional grant programs.

According to current projections, the bill will result in at least $17.4 billion to Georgia, including state and local governments and individual assistance. However, Georgia may receive more or less than the projected amount for any particular program.

The Office of Planning and Budget is the prime recipient of the State and Local Fiscal Relief Fund, Capital Projects Fund, Homeowners Assistance Fund, and Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Other funds made available through federal relief acts are directly allocated to other state and local entities. 

Note: All allocation amounts are projections and are subject to change as new guidance is released.  

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Government Assistance

Funds for State and Local Governments: $8.13 billion

Housing Assistance

Funds for Emergency Rental Assistance and other programs: $574 million.

Public Health Assistance

Funds for Public Health needs: $842 million.

Education Assistance

Funds for Pre-K, K-12, and higher education institutions: $7.24 billion

Transportation Assistance

Funds for transportation needs: $350 million

Other Assistance

Funds for other assistance programs: $335 million

Watch for Fraud

If you receive calls, emails, or other communications claiming to be from U.S.Treasury and offering COVID-19 related grants or stimulus payments in exchange for personal financial information, or an advance fee, or charge of any kind, including the purchase of gift cards, please do not respond.