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PSCVRG & INOIDIC Applications Are Under Review

Due to the high volume of applications received for the Public Safety & Community Violence Reduction Grant and Improving Neighborhood Outcomes in Disproportionately Impacted Communities Grant, applications are still being actively reviewed.

For Grantees

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You can access information on your grant via our Grants Portal.

Watch the Grantee Orientation Video

Congratulations on your award. This video details the next steps that grantees must take in order to receive approve to begin requests for reimbursements. Quarterly reporting information can be found in the Mandatory Reporting section below.

Please note we have made recent updates to our vendor management process. The new process can be found here

Post Award Process and Important Information

Next Step: Post Award Checklist

On April 4, 2022, the federal government transferred from using a DUNS Number to a Unique Entity Identifier that grantees must create in SAM.gov. In order to comply with this requirement, all grantees with the designation of subrecipient will require an active UEI ( 12-character, alpha-numeric code assigned by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)) to request a payment for reimbursement while all grantees with a designation of beneficiary will be required to have an EIN/TIN (employee identity number/tax identification number) to submit a payment request.

The icons below will walk you through the process of award acceptance and the necessary steps to getting set up in our system. All applicants must complete the following list of items prior to submitting requests for reimbursement. Each program is has an OPB Grant Specialist assigned as the Program Specialist to assist awardees with any questions or concerns throughout the process.

Important Note: Your award will show in the GeorgiaGrants portal as awarded under My Grants once the terms and conditions is signed, the vendor form is processed (see step 4 below), and the final budget is approved (Step 5 is only applicable for subrecipients).

Please see our Post Award FAQs for updates on deadlines and processes. This document can be found at the following link:

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Important Documents and Guides

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Uniform Guidance

Recipients of SLFRF funds are subject to the following provisions of the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR Part 200) upon the date of award unless otherwise specified in the Final RuleUS Treasury State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Compliance and Reporting Guidance or other program-specific guidance. SLFRF funds transferred to subrecipients are also subject to reporting and Uniform Guidance requirements. This includes subrecipients under all of OPB's SFRF programs as well as any subawards of the subrecipients. All subrecipients and subawards must undergo subrecipient monitoring according to the Uniform Guidance. 

Subpart A, Acronyms and Definitions

Subpart B, General provisions 

Subpart C, Pre-Federal Award Requirements and Contents of Federal Awards  (except 2 CFR 200.204, .205, .210, and .213)

Subpart D, Post Federal; Award Requirements (except 2 CFR 200.305(b)(8) & (9), .308, .309, and .320(c)(4))

Subpart E, Cost Principles 

Subpart F, Audit Requirements (UG single audit required when a non-Federal entity expends more than $750,000 in federal financial assistance in a fiscal year (the $750,000 threshold includes the total expenditures from all federal awards)).

2 CFR Part 25 (Universal Identifier & System for Award Management)

2 CFR Part 170 (Reporting Subaward and Executive Compensation Information)

2 CFR Part 180 (OMB Guidelines to Agencies on Governmentwide Debarment and Suspension (Non-procurement)

More information on Uniform Guidance and specific SLFRF programs can be found within Download this pdf file. OPB's Post Award FAQs.

Mandatory Reporting

Reporting Timeline

Grantees must complete the mandatory reporting survey for the following quarters in order to fulfill the reporting requirements placed upon the State of Georgia by the United States Department of the Treasury. Awardees should prepare for these reports after signed the terms and conditions agreement to ensure the information is available for timely reporting by the 15th of each month following each quarter. 

Quarter 1: January-March (Due April15th)

Quarter 2: April-June (Due July 15th)

Quarter 3: July-September (Due October 15th)

Quarter 4: October-December (Due January 15th)

Please note that due dates are subject to change based on review and submission needs. 

Required Programmatic Data

Grantees will receive an email from Survey Monkey Apply, OPB's reporting tool, for mandatory quarterly reporting data as required by Treasury in the Compliance and Reporting Guide for each grant program. OPB may add additional metrics to the Treasury requirements where relevant. More details regarding the updated tool are forthcoming. OPB will conduct reporting training prior to the next deadline and grantees can continue to check the FOR Grantees webpage for reporting updates. 

Reporting Responsibility 

It is the responsibility of the prime subrecipient to submit accurate and timely reports. Subrecipients who coordinate with contractor or subawards for reporting should establish a regular reporting framework to ensure the information is regularly available to the subrecipient for reporting purposes. It is crucial that your account contacts remain up to date to ensure that the reports are sent to the appropriate authorized representative. You may update an authorized user within the organizational profile in GeorgiaGrants or you may fill out this form. Additionally, we encourage all subrecipients to work with your IT to whitelist OPB and Georgia Grant email addresses. 

Davis-Bacon Reporting and Additional Requirements

Davis-Bacon: Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements DO apply to projects funded with State Fiscal Recovery Funds with a total project cost (total cost of the project, not just the grant award from State Fiscal Recovery funds) of $10M or greater. All grantees with applicable projects with $10M or greater in total project costs are required to comply with the Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirement and certify that they are in compliance during quarterly reporting. Projects that do not certify with compliance do not meet this requirement and will not be funded. 

Davis‐Bacon specifies the prevailing wages, including fringe benefits, which are determined to be prevailing for the described classes of laborers and mechanics employed on construction projects of a similar character in the localities specified therein. Recipients will have two options with regards to complying with this requirement in their quarterly report:

1. Certify that the project with a total project cost of $10M or greater complies with Davis Bacon

2. If the project does not certify Davis Bacon, as an alternative, they must complete and upload a  Download this pdf file. Project Employment and Local Impact Report  to include: 

  • The number of employees of contractors and subcontractors working on the project
  • The number of employees on the project hired directly and through a third party
  • The wages and benefits of workers on the project by classification
  • Whether those rates are less than prevailing

Build American Buy America: Build American Buy America and AIS generally do not apply, but 2 CFR 200.322 notes that subrecipients should provide a preference for the purchase, acquisition or use of goods, products or materials produced in the United States (including but not limited to iron, aluminum, steel, cement and other manufactured products


For questions on mandatory quarterly reporting, please email us at [email protected].