For Grantees

Are you a new or existing grantee?

We have several resources coming to support you and the success of your project.

You can access information on your grant via our Grants Portal.

Watch the Grantee Orientation Video

Congratulations on your award. This video details the next steps that grantees must take in order to receive approve to begin requests for reimbursements. Accompanying slides can be found Download this pdf file. here.

Terms and Conditions (T&C) Status Updates

All Terms and Conditions must be signed within 30 calendar days of receipt. Final budgets are due 30 calendar days after the date of signed Terms and Conditions.

State Fiscal Recovery Fund

Broadband: T&Cs have been sent to all awardees who did not need a program justification or with an approved justification

Water/Sewer: T&Cs have been sent to POCs on file. 

Negative Economic Impact: Awards have not yet been announced, please check back for updated information after award announcement. 

COVID-19 Mitigation Hospitals: T&Cs have been sent to POCs on file. Potential applicants can check the eligibility on the Hospital Grant webpage. 

COVID-19 Mitigation Assisted Living Communities/Personal Care Homes 25 Beds +: T&Cs have been sent to POCs on file. Potential applicants can check the eligibility on the ALC/PCH 25+ webpage.  

Next Steps: Awardee Check List

The icons below will walk you through the process of award acceptance and the necessary steps to getting set up in our system. All applicants must complete the following list of items prior to submitting requests for reimbursement. Each program is has an OPB Grant Specialist assigned as the Program Specialist to assist awardees with any questions or concerns throughout the process.

Important Note: Your award will show in the GeorgiaGrants portal as awarded under My Grants once the terms and conditions is signed, the vendor form is processed by the State Accounting Office (see step 4 below), and the final budget is approved (Step 5 is only applicable for grants awarded as a result of a competitive application submission).

Please see our Post Award FAQs for updates on deadlines and processes. This document can be found here:

Authorized User Designation Form

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