Office of Health Strategy and Coordination

The Office of Health Strategy and Coordination (OHSC) was established in the Georgia Code (Title 31 Chapter 53) by House Bill 186 during the 2019 Legislative Session. OHSC is an office within the Office of the Governor and is administratively attached to the Office of Planning and Budget (OPB). 

The purpose of OHSC is to share healthcare information and coordinate strategic healthcare policy between state agencies, healthcare providers, and the public, and to develop innovative approaches for lowering health costs while improving access to quality healthcare.

The powers and duties of OHSC include:

  • Facilitating collaboration and coordination between state agencies
  • Coordinating health functions and outcomes, including mental health services
  • Serving as a forum for identifying Georgia's specific health issues of greatest concern
  • Promoting cooperation from both public and private partners to test new and innovative strategies

OHSC also advises the Governor on healthcare policy issues. OHSC also works on other specific healthcare related projects and issues for the State of Georgia.

The All-Payer Claims Database Advisory Committee is established within OHSC.