Capital Budgeting Unit

Bakia Parrish, Capital Budgeting

The Capital Budgeting Unit performs specialized financial, technical, and policy reviews and analyses related to the state’s major capital outlay projects and programs. The unit provides technical support by assisting OPB Budget Divisions with review and analysis of specific projects for which funding is being requested or considered. The unit interacts directly with other state agencies involved in statewide capital issues and ongoing capital project planning, programming, design, construction, repair, and renovation activities. The unit coordinates the development of a long-term statewide capital improvements program based on agency projections of capital needs consistent with their strategic plans. The division also responds to inquiries from the general public, legislators, and state agencies concerning capital project planning, management, and budget issues.

Guidelines for conducting predesign studies on major capital projects were made available in April 2001, representing another significant effort to support these activities. Predesign studies include facilities space planning, definition of performance and functional requirements, site analysis, construction cost estimates, and other project studies. Predesign also includes the development of the total project cost estimate to support the decision-making and approval process prior to the formal design and construction phases. Predesign and other Project Development activities are now documented in the State Construction Manual which is available online at the Georgia State Finance and Investment Commission (GSFIC) website.

The Capital Budgeting Unit is also responsible for:

  • Coordinating agency requests to the GSFIC for redirection of bond proceeds
  • Coordinating the tracking of legislation within OPB
  • Working with the Department of Audits and Accounts to coordinate the fiscal notes process

The unit works with the following agencies for budgetary purposes:

Department of Audits and Accounts

Employees' Retirement System

Teachers Retirement System