Georgia Jobs and Infrastructure Committees

Governor Brian Kemp has named members of the Georgia Jobs and Infrastructure Committees, which will be responsible for receiving applications and making recommendations to the Governor regarding federal coronavirus relief funds allocated to Georgia through the American Rescue Plan. State government entities, units of local government, industries, and nonprofits will be eligible to apply. 

Updates regarding the application process and eligibility will be posted on OPB's website. 


TO:                         Members of the Governor’s Georgia Jobs and Infrastructure Committee

DATE:                    Thursday, July 15th, 2021

TIME:                    1:00 PM-3:00 PM

PLACE:                 Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget (Virtual)

                              2 Capital Square, SW

                              Atlanta, GA 30334           

All committee meetings will be recorded and published to the website for public viewing.

Meeting Recordings: 

Georgia Jobs and Infrastructure Committee Meeting 7/15/2021

Meeting Minutes: 

Download this pdf file. Georgia Jobs and Infrastructure Committee Meeting

  • Water and Sewer Infrastructure Committee

    Chris Carr -Georgia Attorney General
    David Dove- Executive Counsel, Office of the Governor
    Mark Williams- Commissioner, Georgia Department of Natural Resources
    Rick Dunn- Director, Environmental Protection Division (EPD)
    Kevin Clark- Executive Director, Georgia Environmental Finance Authority
    John Eunice- Deputy Director, EPD
    Andrew Pinson- Georgia Solicitor General
    James Capp- Watershed Protection Branch Chief, EPD
    Dr. Wei Zeng- Water Protection Program Manager, EPD
    Sen. Blake Tillery- Chairman, Senate Appropriations Committee
    Rep. Terry England- Chairman, House Appropriations Committee
    Rep. Dominic LaRiccia- Governor’s Floor Leader
    Rep. Robert Dickey- Chairman, House Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee
    Sen. Russ Goodman- Governor’s Floor Leader
    Sen. Larry Walker- Chairman, Senate Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee
    Sen. Freddie Powell Sims- Vice Chair, Senate Interstate Cooperation Committee

  • Negative Economic Impact Committee

    Alex Atwood- Commissioner, Georgia Department of Administrative Services
    Gerlda Hines- Commissioner, Georgia Department of Human Services
    Pat Wilson- Commissioner, Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD)
    Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman- State Economist, University of Georgia
    Robyn Crittenden- Commissioner, Georgia Department of Revenue
    Tim Lowrimore- State Forester, Georgia Forestry Commission
    Brian Marlowe- Deputy Commissioner for Rural Georgia, GDEcD
    Rep. Terry England- Chairman, House Appropriations Committee
    Sen. Blake Tillery- Chairman, Senate Appropriations Committee
    Rep. Shaw Blackmon- Chairman, House Ways and Means Committee
    Rep. Calvin Smyre- Dean, House of Representatives
    Rep. Josh Bonner- Governor’s Floor Leader
    Rep. John LaHood - Vice Chairman, House Game, Fish, and Parks Committee
    Sen. Clint Dixon- Governor’s Floor Leader
    Sen. Emanuel Jones- Secretary, Senate Economic Development and Tourism Committee
    Sen. Chuck Hufstetler- Chairman, Senate Finance Committee

  • Broadband Infrastructure Committee

    Russell McMurry - Commissioner, Georgia Department of Transportation
    Jannine Miller - Planning Director, Georgia Department of Transportation
    Christopher Nunn - Commissioner, Georgia Department of Community Affairs
    Teresa MacCartney - Acting Chancellor, University System of Georgia
    Greg Dozier - Commissioner, Technical College System of Georgia
    Shawnzia Thomas - Executive Director, Georgia Technology Authority
    Richard Woods - State School Superintendent, Georgia Department of Education
    Eric Toler - Executive Director, Georgia Cyber Center
    Michael Nix - Executive Director, Georgia Emergency Communications Authority
    Frank Smith - Deputy Executive Director, State Properties Commission
    Sen. Blake Tillery - Chairman, Senate Appropriations Committee
    Rep. Terry England - Chairman, House Appropriations Committee
    Rep. Clay Pirkle - Secretary, House State Properties Committee
    Rep. Patty Bentley - Secretary, House Higher Education Committee
    Rep. Jodi Lott - Governor’s Floor Leader
    Sen. Bo Hatchett - Governor’s Floor Leader
    Sen. Harold Jones - Secretary, Senate Ethics Committee
    Sen. Steve Gooch - State Senate Majority Whip