Grant Program Contacts



Program Specialist 


Broadband Infrastructure Jaren Mendel [email protected]

COVID-19 prevention and Mitigation Assisted Living Communities and Personal Care Homes with 25 beds+ Grant

Chanice Darlington [email protected]

COVID-19 Prevention and Mitigation Hospital Grant Program

Devann Marchand

[email protected]
Capital Projects Fund Jaren Mendel [email protected]
Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA)

Department of Community Affairs

[email protected]
Georgia Investments in Housing Grant Megan Powers [email protected]
Governor's Emergency Education Relief II (GEER II) Closed [email protected]
Homeowner's Assistance Funds Department of Community Affairs    [email protected]
Improving Neighborhood Outcomes in Disproportionately Impacted Communities Kaycee O'Rourke [email protected]
Judicial Vacant [email protected]
Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Closed [email protected]
Negative Economic Impact McKinley Bennett [email protected]

Nursing Home COVID-19 Mitigation Grant

Closed [email protected]
Public Safety and Community Violence Reduction Jasmine Leatherberry [email protected]
Water Sewer Infrastructure Kyle Eliasson [email protected]
Audits RSM [email protected]