Scope Changes

When and Why a Scope Change is Necessary

A scope change should only be submitted after an initial final budget is approved. Your grant was awarded based on the components of your original application. Scope changes other than project location will not be considered until after an initial budget is approved. Reasons for a scope change include:

  • Changing the purpose of the project
  • Changing the project site
  • Staff changes that include experiencing or making changes to the organization or staff with primary responsibility for award implementation including changes in key personnel, contracting out and/or sub-awarding

Programmatic Scope Change Best Practices

  • Submit Programmatic Scope Changes as a single submission rather than separate request.
  • Work with your Program Specialist on details before submitting a complex scope change.
  • Enter information regarding the scope change into each field on the form with the most granular detail you have. Scope change requests that lack detail will be returned for revision. 
  • Ensure you have attached the updated proposal narrative and budget worksheet. Scope changes submitted without these will be considered incomplete. 

Scope Change Instructions

Download this pdf file. Change of Scope Form : To submit a change in scope or budget amendment, grantees must submit an updated project narrative and detailed budget worksheet along with this form. Project narrative should update any changes from the original proposal that was awarded. Grantees may submit this as a word file or pdf.