Step 3: Vendor Management

Please note this is a two-step process. Once both steps are complete, both forms must be emailed to [email protected].

Step 1: Vendor Management Form

All applicants must download and complete the vendor management form found here 


Already a state vendor/supplier?

  • Download the Vendor Management Form (VMF). 
  • Complete Sections 2-4 & 6 of the Vendor Management Form.
  • Driver’s license is NOT needed.
  • Section 3 must include the full bank account and routing number. Check only the 2nd box for “specific purpose.”  On that line, include “[Name of Grant Program].” 
  • Section 4, select box “Other.”
  • Section 6, write in “[Name of Grant Program] - Validate Existing Bank Account.”
  • Save and upload the completed VMF form.

Need to register as a state vendor/supplier?

Step 2: W-9

Please follow the instructions below carefully. Failure to complete this process will result in an incomplete application.