Step 3: Vendor Management

The Georgia Grants team and State Accounting Office are moving the SAO vendor process to Adobe Sign. Starting Monday, October 17, 2022, upon award of a grant awardees will receive an email from Adobe Sign with the subject “SAO Approval Agreement”. The agreement is required to create a vendor id number and/or connect to the specified bank account in the State’s financial system. You will complete and sign the form online and it will be sent automatically to OPB for review, then SAO for approval and setup.

If you are submitting your Vendor Management Form for the first time, instructions for how to complete your vendor management form are below:

Steps to Requesting a New Electronic Vendor Management Form

  1. Login to Home | Georgia Grants Portal and click on My Grants
  2. Go to the Grant that you need to complete the vendor management form for and click on the Request Vendor Form. This will restart the process and allow you submit the form electronically.

Instruction on how to request a new vendor management form in the portal can be found Download this pdf file. here.