Step 4: Final Budget and Program Justification

Prior to submitting reimbursement requests, awardees must submit a final budget to their Grant Specialist.

  • Grantees will be assigned a programmatic grant specialist to review the budget and provide final approval
  • Grantees will receive final approval in a communication from their Grant Specialist
  • A Budget Worksheet is Download this xls file. available here for download and completion.

Program Justification (Broadband only): Treasury’s Final Rule specifies “to the extent recipients are considering deploying broadband to locations where there are existing enforceable federal or state funding commitments for reliable service at speeds of at least 100 Mbps download speed and 20 Mbps upload speed, recipients must ensure that SLFRF funds are designed to address an identified need for additional broadband investment that is not met by existing federal or state funding commitments.”

Applicants requiring a justification will be contacted with further instructions on how to complete this requirement prior to submitting the final budget to OPB.