Thank you for visiting the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget’s (OPB) website. Our primary responsibility is providing the Governor and his office with the administrative support needed to make decisions regarding budget development and fiscal management of the state. OPB also plays a key role in maintaining an efficient and responsible government by aiding agencies in their policy development, strategic planning, and performance evaluation.

OPB is proud to serve Georgia’s citizens and ensure that taxpayer dollars are being used wisely and effectively. State spending is carefully monitored by our office, and we work closely with the Governor to guarantee that the production of a balanced budget is possible. We also work to enhance communication and cooperation between the Governor’s Office and the various executive, legislative, and judicial bodies, ensuring coordination across state government and a shared understanding of how we may best serve the people of this great state.

Our website is home to numerous publications, reports, and notes to increase the public’s understanding of our work and explain the office’s various responsibilities. OPB is committed to serving our constituents and establishing transparency within government. I sincerely hope that the information found on our website is clear, concise, and helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Best regards,

Richard Dunn

Director, Office of Planning and Budget