Agency Performance Measures

Governor Deal is intent on making state government more strategically focused and accountable for performance. To provide accountability and transparency, the Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) collects performance measures for state programs. Moreover, performance measures are a key component of Georgia's budget development process.

Legislative leadership share the Governor's interest in accountability and transparency. During the fall of 2015, OPB and the legislative budget offices reviewed the performance measures for 42 programs. The three budget offices are committed to improving the quality and usefulness of Georgia state agency program measures and will continue to work with agencies to develop relevant, clear, and reliable program performance measures.

For the FY 2017 budget cycle, OPB asked agencies to submit workload, efficiency, and outcome measures for each program that delivers services. Agencies identified and reported actual performance data for FY 2012-2015. Measuring performance in these three areas helps state decision makers and agency stakeholders understand how efficiently programs are operated, how well the customers are served, and whether programs are achieving their intended outcomes.

OPB publishes a selection of measures for each agency in the Governor's Budget Report, which is available by clicking here. Separate performance measure documents for two prior years, as well as additional performance measure information, are available below. If you have questions about Georgia's performance measure process or specific agency measures, please contact us.