Administration Division

Responsible for the fiscal and human resource functions of OPB, the Governor's Office, and various agencies attached for administrative purposes. 


Division Director: Uliton Casey


  • Manage payroll functions and all other human resource duties 
  • Oversee all accounting, budgeting, purchasing, contract administration, grants management, and internal revisions functions 
  • Process agency allotment warrants and awards from the Governor's Emergency Fund 
  • Coordinate the audit for the office with the Department of Audits and Accounts
  • Prepare financial information for the State Accounting Office for the Single Audit 

Attached Agencies

    Office of the Governor

    Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity

    Governor's Office of Consumer Protection

    Professional Standards Commission

    Georgia Emergency Management Agency

    Office of the Child Advocate

    Office of Student Achievement

    Office of the State Inspector General