Health and Human Services Division

Perform budget analysis and policy planning for the Governor related to agencies that provide medical and behavioral health services for Georgia's most vulnerable citizens, human services, veterans' services, and workers' compensation. 


Division Director: Dale Brantley
(404) 692-2702

Division Coordinator: Alexander Sawdye
(404) 689-7915


  • Research and provide information on health-related topics to support the Governor's policy and legislative initiatives 
  • Analyze budgets of health-related agencies for the Governor's recommendations to the General Assembly 
  • Provide oversight by monitoring assigned agencies' spending to ensure compliance and efficiency that is aligned with the Governor's priorities and agency statutory responsibilities
  • Review, monitor, and analyze state and federal legislation related to health care delivery and human services
  • Assist health-related agencies with implementing programs and policies 
  • Provide information to the public, interest groups, legislators, state agencies, and others regarding health-related topics

Assigned Agencies

Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission

Council on Aging

Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities

Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities

Department of Community Health

Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency

Department of Human Services

Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission

Department of Public Health

Office of the Child Advocate

Department of Veterans Services

Sexual Offender Registration Review Board

Family Connection

Georgia Board for Health Care Workforce

State Board of Workers' Compensation

Georgia Composite Medical Board

Subsequent Injury Trust Fund

Office of Commissioner of Insurance and Fire Safety