Physical and Economic Development Division

Perform budget analysis and policy planning for the Governor related to economic development, infrastructure, workforce development, and natural resources.


Division Director: Nic Matthews
(404) 692-5201

Division Coordinator: Christian Hamby
(404) 692-5833


  • Research and provide information to support the Governor's policy and legislative initiatives related to assigned agencies
  • Analyze budgets of assigned agencies for the Governor's recommendations to the General Assembly 
  • Provide oversight by monitoring assigned agencies' spending to ensure compliance and efficiency that is aligned with the Governor's priorities and agency statutory responsibilities 
  • Review, monitor, and analyze state and federal legislation related to assigned agencies 
  • Assist assigned agencies with implementing programs and policies
  • Provide information to the public, interest groups, legislators, state agencies, and others related to assigned agencies 

Assigned Agencies

Georgia State Board of Accountancy

Jekyll Island Authority

State Accounting Office

Department of Labor

Department of Administrative Services

Lake Lanier Island Authority/ North Georgia Mountain Authority

Office of State Administrative Hearings

Department of Natural Resources

Department of Agriculture

Ports Authority

State Properties Commission

Georgia Building Authority

Georgia Agricultural Exposition Authority

Public Service Commission

Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority

Georgia Real Estate Commission

Georgia Aviation Authority

Department of Banking and Finance

State Road and Tollway Authority 

Department of Community Affairs

Savannah-Georgia Convention Center Authority 

Certificate of Need Appeals Panel

Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission

Department of Economic Development

Secretary of State

Georgia Environmental Finance Authority

Stone Mountain Memorial Association

Environmental Protection Division

Georgia Technology Authority

Georgia Forestry Commission

Department of Transportation

Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission

Office of the State Treasurer

Georgia Commission on the Holocaust