Information Technology Division

Bruce Zents, Division Director

The Information Technology (IT) Division of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) supports the technology needs of OPB. The Division also develops, maintains, and supports statewide applications that are integral to the management of the state.

The IT Division’s Data Management Unit provides database administration services, application access controls, data management, and systems testing.

The Enterprise Development Unit develops, maintains, and supports several web-based applications. OPB’s thin-client approach to development affords users the ability to use OPB’s suite of applications through a browser across the Internet. There are approximately 2,500 users of OPB applications in State of Georgia agencies in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. OPB applications include:

  • The OPB public web site ( This application is hosted on a content management system that allows non-technical staff to make quick updates to content.
  • BudgetTool is used by agencies to submit budget requests for the amended current Fiscal Year budget, the upcoming Fiscal Year budget, and in submitting Program Measures data. OPB uses BudgetTool to develop the Governor’s recommended budget for presentation to the General Assembly.
  • BATS, the Budget Appropriation Tracking System is used to track the budgets through the legislative process. BATS receives its initial data from BudgetTool, and tracks changes to the budget made through the legislative process, ultimately to the passed appropriations bill, including the Governor’s line item vetoes.
  • BudgetNet is used to administer the state’s annual operating budget, including state, federal, and other funds. The system also supports the allotment process whereby funds held by the state treasury are made available to agencies to spend as appropriated. A nightly extract from BudgetNet populates the PeopleSoft enterprise accounting system operated by the State Accounting Office.
  • COBS, the Capital Outlay Budgeting System is used by agencies to submit capital budgets. It is used by OPB to develop the Governor’s recommended capital budget and to track capital projects during the fiscal year.
  • Horizon is used to collect agency information for the statewide strategic planning process.
  • GLIS, the Governor’s Legislative Information System is used by Executive Branch agencies to track legislation through the legislative process.
  • ITS, the Issues Tracking System allows users the ability to submit web-based application support requests directly to the OPB IT Division.
  • UFTS, the User Fee Tracking System is used to track fees collected by the various state agencies.

OPB is participating in the Georgia Technology Authority’s GETS outsourcing initiative and its associated transformation activities. More information regarding this initiative can be found at