Physical and Economic Development Division

Chris Wells, Division Director

The Physical and Economic Development Division (PED) performs budget and policy analysis and planning for the Governor related to economic development and infrastructure, workforce development, and natural resources.  In conducting budget and policy analysis and planning, PED assists in the development and monitoring of agency budgets and policies for executive and legislative review.  In addition, the division analyzes laws proposed by the General Assembly and responds to inquiries from the general public, legislators, and state agencies.  

Physical and Economic Development Areas

Economic Development and Infrastructure

One of the aims of Georgia's government is to improve the economic status of the state and its citizens through efforts such as the direct recruitment of business, aid to existing industry, and the development of infrastructure necessary for growth. This division analyzes and makes recommendations on economic development policies and conducts budget analysis of related agencies.

Department of Economic Development

Ports Authority

Environmental Facilities Authority

Department of Community Affairs

Georgia World Congress Center

Department of Transportation

Secretary of State

Department of Banking and Finance

Public Service Commission

Department of Agriculture

Georgia Technology Authority

Georgia Building Authority / State Properties Commission

Office of State Administrative Hearings

Certificate of Need Panel

Georgia Aviation Authority

Department of Administrative Services

Department of Revenue

Office of the State Treasurer

State Accounting Office

Department of Audits and Accounts

Employees' Retirement System

Teachers Retirement System

Workforce Development

One key to economic development is the creation of a workforce that is skilled, knowledgeable, self-sufficient, and competent enough to be efficient in meeting the demands of the current workplace with the ability to adapt to new technologies and changes in industry.

Department of Labor

Governor's Office of Workforce Development

Natural Resources

Georgia has been blessed with remarkable natural resources that, when properly managed, can produce a quality living environment as well as opportunities for economic growth and development.  Agencies within the natural resources area are charged with the management of these resources and the regulation of industries that impact the environment.

Georgia Forestry Commission

Department of Natural Resources

Georgia Agricultural Exposition Authority

Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission