Planning, Research, Evaluation and Communications Unit

Anna Wrigley Miller

The Planning, Research, Evaluation and Communications Unit of OPB is responsible for strategic planning, communications, and legislation tracking and analysis. The division provides guidance and assistance to OPB and to other state agencies in the strategic planning process, including helping to develop and track performance measures for agency programs. The division also provides state demographic projections and basic research. In addition to the above, staff provides project management and support for the Georgia Occupational Regulation Review Council.

The OPB Planning, Research, Evaluation and Communications Unit is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the preparation of state-level goals and indicators
  • Development of the state’s strategic planning model and process, including providing guidelines, technical assistance, and review of agency strategic plans
  • Policy and guidance related to the collection and use of program performance measures
  • Overseeing parts of the zero-based budgeting process
  • Drafting materials to promote strong communications externally
  • Answering media inquiries
  • Supporting the work of the Federal/State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates (FSCPE), as well as the State Data Center program
  • Providing support staff and research for the Georgia Occupational Regulation Review Council
  • Conducting research and special projects for the OPB Director and Governor’s Office