Planning, Research, Evaluation, and Communications Division

Perform budget analysis and policy planning for the Governor related to strategic planning, performance management, legislative tracking, census initiatives, occupational regulations, and communications.


Division Director: Anna Wrigley Miller 



  • Perform research on special projects 

  • Analyze budget requests from assigned agencies needed for the Governor's recommendations to the General Assembly

  • Provide information to support the Governor's policy and legislative initiatives 

  • Assist assigned agencies with implementing programs and policies 

  • Review and analyze state and federal legislation affecting assigned agencies 

  • Coordinate legislation tracking within OPB

  • Liaison to the United States Census Bureau 
  • Provide support staff and research for the Georgia Occupational Regulation Review Council

  • Work with the Department of Audits and Accounts to provide fiscal notes 

Assigned Agencies 

Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity

Office of the Inspector General