2019 - 2020 Regular Session Fiscal Notes

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2019 Education

Document Description
Medically Accurate Sex Education and HIV and AIDS Prevention Instruction
Mandatory Kindergarten for Five Year-olds
Educational Scholarship Accounts
HOPE Scholarship Eligibility Requirements
In-State Tuition Eligibility for Students from Homeless and Foster Care Situations
Public Safety Officer Higher Education Fund
Mandatory Pre-Kindergarten for Four Year-olds

2019 Physical and Economic Development

Document Description
Decoupling the Standard Deduction
Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) - Rate Reduction
Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) - Used Motor Vehicle
TAVT – Revising the Range for Antique Motor Vehicles
Exemption of Sales Tax on Organ Procurement Organization Purchases
Communications Services Tax Act
Alternative Simplified Credit
Employee Salary History
Issuance of Motor Vehicle Titles
Creation of the Department of Mobility and Innovation
Extended Vehicle Loan Period for Car Dealerships
Division of Transit and Mobility Innovations
Expanding Adoption Tax Credit
Film Tax Credits for Veterans
Exemption of Sales Tax on Feminine Hygiene Products
Exemption on Train Fuel
Income Tax Exemption for Full-time Active Duty Military
Hurricane Michael State Tax Exemption For Farmers
Job Tax Credits
Quality Jobs Income Tax Credit
Economic Nexus
Sales Tax Exemption on Regional Significance
Preceptor Income Tax Deduction
Music Tax Credits
Flat Income Tax
Lodging Facilitator Tax
Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) - Transfer of Titles for Legal Entities
Disabled First Responder License Plate
Quality Jobs Tax Credit Changes
Marketplace Facilitator
Jet Fuel Excise Tax (Revision)
Sales Tax Exemption for Civic Engagement Organizations
Exemption from Income Taxation on All Military Retired Pay
Motor Fuel Tax Exemptions
Increasing the Excise Tax on Cigarettes
Alcohol Excise Tax
Local Water and Sewer Authorities
Licensing and Regulation of Motor Vehicle Title Lender Industry

2019 Health and Human Services

Document Description
Pilot Program for Individuals at High Risk With HIV
HIV/AIDS Medical Assistance
Licensing of Certified Professional Midwives
Authorization of Low THC Oil in Georgia
Medicaid Expansion
Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Long Term Facilities
Medicaid Eligibility Extension for New Mothers

2019 Public Safety

Document Description
Penal Institution Treatment of Female Inmates
Uniform Traffic Citation and Complaint Form (UTC)
Statewide Business Court
Regulation of Trauma Scene Cleanup Services

2020 Education

Document Description
Early Admission for Georgia Residents
Expanding the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Act
Charter School for Over-Age Populations
Increasing the Age of Mandatory School Attendance from 16 to 17 Years of Age
Enrollment Eligibility of Over-Age Students for Charter Schools
Master Teachers for Rural and Turnaround Eligible Schools
Loan Forgiveness Program for Teachers at Rural and Turnaround Schools
K-5 Social and Emotional Health Pilot Program
Stipend for Student Athletes
Additional Compensation for Special Education Teachers
Increasing the Mandatory School Attendance Age to 17 Years

2020 Physical and Economic Development

Document Description
Digital Goods Sales Tax
(Revision) State Income Tax Code Changes
Creating a State Holiday on June 19
Regulation of Structural Engineers
Licensure of Certified Professional Midwives
Hurricane Matthew Tax Exemption for Farmers/For-Hire Ground Transport Excise Tax
Exempting For-Hire Ground Transportation from Sales and Use Tax
Exempting For-Hire Ground Transportation from Sales and Use Tax
Surprise Billing
Regulation of Pharmacy Benefit Managers
Hurricane Matthew Tax Exemption for Farmers/For-Hire Ground Transport Excise Tax
Regulation of Structural Engineers


2020 Health and Human Services

Document Description
Georgia Reliable Insurance Network
Transferring Foster Youth to Fee-for-Service Medicaid
OBGYN Service Providers in Bordering States
Medicaid Eligibility for New Mothers and Involuntary Miscarriages


2020 Public Safety

Document Description
Juvenile Justice Jurisdiction
Establishment of Domestic Violence Courts
Election of Juvenile Court Judges
Instituting PTSD Training for all Peace Officer Training
GBI as Point of Contact for Firearm Background Checks
Universal Background Checks for Firearm Purchases and Transfers