2023 - 2024 Regular Session



Document Description
HOPE Grant eligibility for associate degree students within TCSG
Zell Miller Scholarship eligibility for non freshmen
Market wage for incarcerated individuals
GDC monitoring and recording of incarcerated labor
Provide compensation to pregnant women
Jury duty participation benefits - tax deductions and tax credits
Establishes handwriting analysis section at GBI
Cigarette excise tax increase
Tax exemption on absorbent garments
Tax credit for employing certified workforce-ready graduates
Revises and repeals income tax exemptions relating to manufacturing, energy, packing supplies, and industrial materials
Revises Georgia jobs, employer's, research and development, and quality jobs tax credits; eliminates GILTI tax deduction
State earned income tax credit
Final consumption tax rate (Fair Tax)
HOPE scholarship expansion to cover full tuition
Revises salaries for certified professional personnel and licensed paraprofessionals in public schools
Health benefit policy requirements for fertility preservation services
Sales Tax exemption for menstrual products
Manufacturers' investment tax credit (MITC) for mining facilities
Eliminate the jet fuel tax exemption
Hazardous waste and substance reporting fee dedication to the HWTF
Free public school breakfast and lunch
Anesthesiologist Assistant Licensure