Executive Office

Responsible for the executive administration and management of the agency. The Executive Office provides daily direction and supervision of all agency staff and resources. 


OPB Director: Richard Dunn
(404) 656-3820


  • Provide operational and administrative leadership and support to agency programs
  • Advise the Governor on revenue projections and agency financial and performance data
  • Assists the Governor in the development of the annual Governor's Budget Report 
  • Liaison with the General Assembly and the legislative budget offices 
  • Responsible for responding to budget inquiries from the members of the General Assembly and the public at large
  • Present information about the budget to the Governor and his staff
  • Approve fiscal notes in conjunction with the State Auditor 
  • Approve the redirection of bond proceeds in conjunction with the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission 
  • Oversee the development and approval of agency operating budgets, budget amendments, and allotments from the State Treasury Office