Executive Office

The Executive Office of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) provides the executive administration and management of the agency.

The Director provides daily direction and supervision of agency staff and resources. Additionally, the Director is responsible for advising the Governor on state budget and financial matters, including revenue projections and agency financial and performance data.  The Director assists the Governor in the development of the annual Governor’s Budget Report. The Executive Office of OPB is the direct liaison with the General Assembly and the legislative budget offices. The Director is responsible for responding to budget inquiries from the members of the General Assembly and the public at large. The Director works directly with the Governor and his staff in presenting information regarding the budget including approval of fiscal notes.  

The Executive Office oversees communication policies and procedures, and works to ensure both internal and external stakeholders are provided with the high quality information they require.  The Office also administratively houses the Capital Budgeting Unit, which provide capital outlay policy and budget recommendations.

The Executive Office also oversees the development of the Governor’s strategic planning efforts and the development and approval of agency operating budgets, budget amendments, and allotments from the State Treasury.  Strategic planning efforts are integrated and supported by annual Agency Business Plans, program performance measures, and performance data.