Improving Neighborhood Outcomes in Disproportionally Impacted Communities

Improving Neighborhood Outcomes in Disproportionately Impacted Communities


This program funds investments in neighborhood features, including parks, recreation facilities, sidewalks, and healthy food access, can work to improve physical and mental health outcomes.

INODIC Updates

Award announcements for the Improving Neighborhood Outcomes in Disproportionately Impacted Communities grant program were made on 5/18/23 and can be found on the OPB Awarded Grants page. Terms and Conditions agreements were sent via AdobeSign on 5/30/23. Please follow the instructions in your initial award email that instructs you to login to the SurveyMonkey Apply website to complete the Vendor Management Form and W-9 within 60 days of the award announcement. Please email your Final Detail Budget Worksheet to [email protected] and copy your program specialist, [email protected]

Next Step: INODIC Post Award Checklist

On April 4, 2022, the federal government transferred from using a DUNS Number to a Unique Entity Identifier that grantees must create in In order to comply with this requirement, all grantees with the designation of subrecipient will require an active UEI (12-character, alpha-numeric code assigned by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)) to request a payment for reimbursement while all grantees with a designation of beneficiary will be required to have an EIN/TIN (employee identity number/tax identification number) to submit a payment request.

The links below will walk you through the process of award acceptance and the necessary onboarding steps. All applicants must complete the following list of items prior to submitting requests for reimbursement. Each program has a Program Specialist assigned to assist awardees with any questions or concerns throughout the process. You can find your Program Specialist by clicking on the OPB Grant Program Contacts link on the right side of this page.

Important Note: Your award will show in the GeorgiaGrants portal as awarded under My Grants once the terms and conditions is signed, the vendor form is processed (see step 3 below), and the final budget is approved.

All important documents related to this program are linked on the right side of this page - Important Documents. Below the Important Documents link you will find the Webinars and Tutorials page.


Step 1: Terms and Conditions

Step 2: Georgia Grants Access

Step 3: Vendor Management

Step 4: Final Budget