2017 - 2018 Regular Session Fiscal Notes

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2018 Education

Document Description
USG Grant for Full-Time Students
Extending Certain Scholarships Eligibility Period
Eligibility Requirements for the Zell Miller Scholarship
GA Higher Education Savings Plan Deduction Increase
Eligibility for GMC to Receive Payment for Dual Enrollment
ESAs for Eligible Students
Increase State Supplement to State Charter Schools
Additional Funding for State Charter Schools
Eligibility Requirements for the Zell Miller Scholarship
Eligibility Requirements for the Zell Miller Scholarship
Eligibility Requirements for the Zell Miller Scholarship
Law School Exemption from Nonpublic Postsecondary Educational Institutions Act of 1990

2018 Physical and Economic Development

Document Description
Title Fee Ad Velorum Tax
Title Fee Ad Valorem Tax
Updated Title Fee Ad Valorem Tax
Creation of Post-Call Automated Satisfaction Survey
Georgia Veteran Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Tax Exemption to Qualified Veterinary Nonprofits
Reduce Tax Rate for Modified Risk Tobacco Products
Tax Exemption for Specific Agricultural Non-Profits
Annual IRC Update
Changes to Georgia's Tax Code
- Title Fee Ad Valorem Tax -
Revised Title Fee Ad Valorem Tax
The 'ACE Act'
Special License Plate for Alternative Fueled Vehicles
Creation of Atlanta Regional Transit Governance
Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund
Fair Tax
Tax Exemption for Computer Equipment
Tax Exemption from Feminine Hygiene Products
Tax Credit for Railroad Maintenance Expenditures
- Economic Analysis on Tax Bills by DOAA -
Expansion of the Areas for the Jobs Tax Credit
Partial Tax Exemption for Qualified Manufactured Homes
Redefines 'Innkeeper' for the Purpose of the Hotel-Motel Tax
Tax Exemption on Qualified Manufactured Homes
High Technology Data Centers
Another Category for Exemption of Hotel Tax
Tax Exemption from Ad Valorem for Active Military
Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund

2018 Health and Human Services

Document Description
Licensure of Genetic Counselors
HIV Testing
Employer Coverage of Medicaid-Eligible Employees Tax Credit
Tax Exemption Extension for Health Centers and Clinics
Pilot program for individuals at risk with HIV
Genetic Counselors Licensure
Establish the Integrated Population Health Data Project
Medicaid Expansion
Independence of Georgia Board of Nursing
Waiver of Medicaid Recipient's Estate

2018 Public Safety

Document Description
GCIC Retain Fingerprints
Inmate Access to Feminine Hygiene Products
Tax Exemption for Surviving Service Member Based on Rank
Driving Cards for Non-Residents
Drug and Alcohol Abuse or Mental Health Issues Refer Themselves Without Being Arrested
Creation of Governor's Office of Public Safety Support
Tax Exemption for Non-Civilian Retirement
Law Enforcement Officer Income Tax Credit

2017 Education

Document Description
School Bullying
School Attendance Age from 16-17
National Guard HOPE scholarship
HOPE Grant Retroactive Payment
HOPE Scholarship Retroactive Payment
Mandatory School Attendance
Education Savings Accounts
GA National Guard HOPE Eligibility
Public Education Innovation Fund Tax Credit
Sales Tax Exemption for School Bus Fuel
Mandatory Attendance 16 to 17.5 years of age
Needs Based HOPE
Teacher Supplies Tax Credit
Revised-Teacher Expenditure Tax Credit
School Attendance Zone Tax Credit
Education Disabilities Tax Credit

2017 Physical and Economic Development

Document Description
Music Royalties Tax Exemption
No Fees on Property Tax Bills
Nontax Fees on Property Tax Bill (Huff)
Digital Downloads #1
Rural Revitalization Credit
Music Royalties Tax Credit
Jet Fuel Tax Exemption
Film Tax Credit for Hiring Veterans
Video Game Tax-Post Film Production Tax Credit
DOR Index Inflation Deflation
Rural Revitalization Zones (Huff)
Quality Jobs Tax Credit, Theater Tax Exemption
Concrete Mixers Tax Exemption
Video game; Post Production
Rideshare Nexus
Arts Facility and Ticket Sales tax exemption (Huff)
Yacht Tax Break
Broadband Tax Credit
Georgia Agribusiness and Rural Jobs Act
Expands Angel Investor Credit
Vets Hunting License
Eliminate Corporate Net Worth
Corporate Net Worth Tax -
Oil and Gas Severance Tax
DNR License Fees
Clean Burning Vehicle Tax Credit
AG SAAG Review
Money Transmission Fee
Money Transfer Fee 2
Music Expenditure Tax Credit
Fair Tax
Economic Nexus
Vet Tax Credit
Henson EITC
Tax Credit for Hiring Hon. Discharged Vets
Boat Repair Tax Credit
5% Flat Income Tax Rate
Sales Tax for Sugar Sweetened Beverages
Vapor Product Excise Tax
Property Tax Recovery Fee
Ride Share Network Tax
Economic Nexus
Digital Downloads
OST Expenditure Database
Boat Repair Tax Credit
Economic Nexus Substitute
Powell 5.4 Income Tax-EITC
Tax Credit for Hiring Disabled Veterans
Economic Nexus 3
Music Tax Credit
Preceptorship Tax Credit
Preceptorship Tax Credit (Huff)
Fantasy Sports Regulations
Music Industry tax credit (Huff)
Yacht Repair Tax Credit
Income Tax, Econ Nexus
Historic Building Rehab Tax Credit
Historic Rehab (Huff)

2017 Health and Human Services

Document Description
Expand Medicaid to 138% FPL
Expand Medicaid 138% FPL
Expand Medicaid 100% FPL
Expand Medicaid 100% FPL
DECAL Child Care
Nurse Licensure Compact
Cigarette Excise Tax Increase
Rural Hospital Tax Credit
Expand Medicaid 138% FPL
Personal Needs Allowance for Nursing Home Care
Surprise Billing 1
Surprise Billing 2
Legal Father
Healthcare Sharing Ministry

2017 Public Safety

Document Description
Retired Military Pay Tax Exemption
Concealed Weapons License
Juvenile Court Judges
Revised-Juvenile Court Judge Grant
Juvenile Justice Jurisdiction
GBI Rap Back Program
GBI Nationality of Confined Persons
Body Cameras
New Americans Act
NICS Phone App
Officer Weapons Carry Permit No Charge
GBI Determine Nationality of Confined Persons
Former Law Enforcement Weapons Carry License Fee Waiver