Grant Applications

This page provides a list of competitive grant applications submitted to OPB. Please use the tabs below to navigate to specific grant programs. From the results, select the file to view details about the proposal by Grant ID number.

Please see the broadband service map tab and locate the corresponding broadband service map by Grant ID number. Zip codes of proposed service areas can be found under the applicants proposal summary on the spreadsheet. If locations proposed to be served are already served, such internet service providers may submit verification of such service (a wireline connection that delivers a reliable broadband service with a minimum speed of 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload) using  Download this pdf file. this form to [email protected] no later than November 12, 2021, as indicated on the timeline below. Applicants whose project has received a service verification from another provider will be contacted to allow the applicant the opportunity to provide additional information. Please note this process is only applicable to broadband infrastructure grant applications. 

Please continue to check back as we update this list based on eligible projects.