Submitted ARPA Grant Applications

The following list includes all applications for projects deemed eligible for consideration by the broadband infrastructure, water/sewer infrastructure, and negative economic impact committees tasked with evaluating such applications. Standards were established under the guidance for State Fiscal Recovery Funds set forth by the United States Department of Treasury in its Interim Final Rule dated May 7, 2021 and the purposes of the three committees. These applications are currently under committee review.

Applications not listed below have been deemed ineligible for consideration by the three committees. The Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget will provide a response to applicants that did not move forward to committee review in the coming weeks with explanations as to their ineligibility for committee consideration.  We anticipate these notifications will occur over the month based on the number of applications received. We thank you for your continued patience and support as we work through the notification process.

Broadband Infrastructure Applications

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