Executive Division
Kelly Farr
The Executive Office provides the executive administration and management of the agency. This division is the direct liaison to the General Assembly and the legislative budget offices. It works with the Governor and his staff to present information regarding the budget. Additionally, the Executive Office oversees the development of the Governor’s strategic planning efforts as well as the development and approval of agency operating budgets, budget amendments and allotments from the State Treasury. More

Administration Division
Chavis Paulk
The Administration Division has responsibility for the fiscal and human resources functions of OPB, the Governor’s Office and various agencies attached for administrative purposes. Agency allotment warrants and awards from the Governor’s Emergency Fund are processed through this division. Staff in this division coordinate the audit for the office with the Department of Audits and Accounts and also prepare financial information for the State Accounting Office for the Single Audit. More

For a list of OPB’s attached agencies, click here.

Education Division
Kerri Wilson
The Education Division provides comprehensive policy, planning, and budget management services for matters of education in the state of Georgia, ranging from Pre-K programs to higher education. This division is responsible for researching education issues, analyzing education agency budgets, reviewing and analyzing state and federal legislation, and assisting in the implementation of programs and policies. More

Health and Human Services Division
Lee Wright
The Health and Human Services Division works with agencies to help analyze the budget and develop policy for areas related to health care purchasing, state health planning, welfare, veterans’ services, workers’ compensation, and other human and social services.  More

Information Technology Division
Bruce Zents
The IT Division supports the technology needs of OPB and develops, maintains and supports statewide applications that are integral to the management of Georgia. More

Physical and Economic Development Division
Chris Wells
The Physical and Economic Development Division performs budget and policy analysis and planning for the Governor related to economic development, infrastructure, workforce development, and natural resources. This division assists in developing and monitoring agency budgets and policies for executive and legislative review, as well as analyzing related laws proposed by the General Assembly. More

Planning, Research, Evaluation, and Communications Division
Anna Wrigley Miller
The Planning, Research, Evaluation and Communications Division provides guidance and assistance to OPB and other agencies in the strategic planning process by developing guidelines and performance measures. The division also provides state demographic support and projections. The division further responds to media inquiries, drafts and edits documents, aids with presentations and manages the OPB website.

Additionally, the division reviews and analyzes items related to the state’s major capital outlay projects and programs.  This includes project planning, programming, design, construction, repair and renovation for other state agencies as well. The division also responds to inquiries from the general public, legislators and state agencies concerning capital project planning, management and budget issues. More

Public Safety Division
Melissa Moats
The Public Safety Division performs budget analysis and policy planning for the Governor related to the safety of citizens and property. The division’s responsibilities include financial development, monitoring of policies and plans for the Governor, and legislative review and analysis of proposed laws by the General Assembly. More